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tv   RT News  PBS  April 10, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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were long with. this program is brought you by. the group from norway's mainstream crews were his lies to her exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coast the report include counters and access to the crossing. russia is stripped of voting rights the membership parts of the parliamentary assembly of the cult of europe in
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the mosque was cold complete with a cool box. i skipped the tree ribbons and threats of force that anti government protesters in the east if ukraine on edge. we head into what occupied building in the restive city of donetsk to get the inside story people say they will do their best to avoid any violence but need a reason instead they will be forced to use these things. top gun barrel to multiply and almond it off the mouth of us have about five i'd get a new prosthetic limb. the city center right back into the heart of the conference the welcome to this topic will cut mine some real research aid like that russia has been stripped of
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its voting rights and representative functions of the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe until the end of twenty fourteen a mosque us delegation reacted with outrage saying certain nations were pushing their own agendas as cost ottawa based peter on a study by price light and strauss but he got to bring on so quickly that in watching the fires and the reaction as well to those of today are discussing in the european that's us to rupture of his working hours but as we agree to any of the tension was palpable tell us about that. will ye this wasn't the usual tight the diplomatic meeting on the strike the stage that we would use to seeing but we'll get to bond the moment a week what will that will stop which is exactly what was at what was agreed on today by the council of europe now they've had and they agreed to impose sanctions on iraq
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show that at the tv rights within the comment re assembly behind me had been suspended until the end of this year. rush also i won't be able to send representatives to head in the t wolves the elections or anything else and then tilt at the end of the twenty fourteen as well who we can't hear was that he added that bubble concoctions and at albury and greet rei great party testing and the reaction from that the russian delegation at that is now left in the oven heat the priests had cool to see evans does the pic left out early that will help them in protest to the budget what we had and what we did see was at peace the heads of the delegation is to push golf addict. comparing the hand that will be criticizing some of these people adult content in russia. well the actions in other countries around the world in the past that won't fall was. that is the best of their states
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they've been breaking international law on a regular basis during the past fifteen years. my goal in belgrade by bowling libya by occupying iraq have no moral right to take any decisions concerning the russian delegation. all it said make no bones about it this was a key and discussion it was said to be quite uncomfortable to times to watch at what we did see was the complaints and when the russian delegation has stopped speaking english and started speaking russian resort and round off the pitch unless they were in the rain just get up and leave after they tried to have them after they tried to us. i asked the russian delegation to speak in english that the russian representatives that they wanted to put across the point in a language that they are well is the mother
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tongue. stories told to missouri. this is a press conference to note that this statement praising this. we always go where. here are the fuel. he was my statement uk again. not seem to do with your stuff. the fuel could do was listed in the contest will be. this is the situation we have right now and what that people are upset so whatever goes on with the facts the rehab is the rush of cars being suspended from the voting rights or captivity right to spend it here at the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe fails there will be able to send olds that this too. due to the nations as well the bits that resolution of a spouse that they pose a resolution to take place on ukraine in which all fingers were pointed towards russia making him i recall right now about the wording of the resolution
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despite the strong he would retreat used in the resolution put forward by the council of europe. russia maintains tha some of which is being put across is fox is in reality far from the truth commission. sudanese commission has decided to support a totally polling version of the resolution on ukraine that contains and concealed and this is concerning the possible question oh three invasion of ukraine and the completed version of our argument on the situation in ukraine and the takeover of power by andre vehicles let's see what the resolution. actually the states. the unprecedented escalation of violence was largely the result of the increase in the top handed approach of the oath ortiz. when you look at the facts the number of good news come from a chilling sweet treat ing. instead of cracking down on prices. this
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will is themselves form victim to launch attacks it's at least to me continue thesis know it isn't the time the nation against protest is by the ukrainian authorities of that song it's the same time. the resolution seems to contradict itself it isn't cool are these investigations are partially free from political motivational any desire for retribution vision group with representatives from russia and other countries. it should be monitored by the international community the current government to listen to trust that if there's a possibility that they were involved in the massacre and ordered the snipers to fire and both sides. now you can be trusted hold the sweet notes any mention of the use of weapons but a supporting you through yanukovich whose governments there was no ultra right wing taken to the central government in kiev. this place even the casual observer in central kiev
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struggling to a pulley the finances of the greek rite sextet. while fully manned is of the parent companies in office all probably read them right wing policy he said he regrets that the demographic changes and critical developments in ukraine have been overshadowed by the developments in crimea the assembly strongly condemns the russian minute regression comparing the change came in kiev in crimea. one with scenes of violence and human victims the event with her rallies summer break. this day. luke sixteen through the sanctions imposed upon moscow the duties of full in short even expulsion from cakes and fried on voting rights accent to feel that counts these are all about on tv
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within twenty four dollars kiev could make good on its threat to use force against protesters will keep buying buildings in eastern ukraine footage from the area shown in convoys of ahmed vehicles moving toward restive cities he can see some of them on the road to the guns of protesters have ceased the security service headquarters. some locals injured when they tried to stop look on a void as this eyewitness told us. tomorrow two pm we received information that ministry hardware had arrived at the local train station. when eventually he sees the return vehicles and troops the whole town gathered nearby. the soldiers tried to stop moving. people tried to stop the vehicles pathologist twisted the arms of pension as their two young men standing then they drove right over that feat. i was told that by the local mine is when i tried to stall the vehicles they didn't even look at who was in front of them. the men's shelter for
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them to stop saying that there were girls and women in front of them probably didn't care. the twentieth minute recall that more troops are being deployed as well. he can see protest is stopping abbas the ukrainian soldiers on its way to dawn yes this is fueling concern that a storming of the local administered building is imminent. especially to those inside it said an on going anywhere. the aunties with an office but to some of those hold up to find out exactly what it is they want. now he signed with houston in the donetsk region on his face and hand has become recently the extent of anti india protests. this is what i did not repeat do not think these new authorities get at least this way they fled naked all finance people think that can take up the street opposite the president's apparent force is aimed at protecting that. and that we can see me and then sprinkled from a single moment is that the troubles of the things on
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the detectors. you can tell when an auction started it's going to kill us. where for a referendum will be independent from chief and being with russia. it was taking scene and then multiple tabs for example people say they will do their best to avoid any promise to be a reason why i tend to be forced to use the saints grace is enough to happen to the regional capital. let me hear the repetition of things matter to police after he and daddy bought a whole. until then been stamping for an advice in the groups held a protest at the kingston heath seventy all the building stood to defend myself that coming on with machine guns annoyed yesterday for example was a champ. members of ukraine's ron saxton and fourteen comments methods claimed to have come to the drake the area from
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the people he called separatists. this is when barricade to keep iran building. i don't sometimes i'm not. one of me and people leaking the information content of the country's population representatives of almost all major cities and towns over the street and i think my work isn't in place of the region's numerous factors and enterprises and each region or hide. based at eleven story building residents of meaning which is also keen to express the county including crying in which the joint russian fully the historic referendum in march. something that's easily and now comparing to last until. some of the solution along with protest against kids nationalism. we are for social justice. the creation
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of a republican means drastic changes in the way our territory is organized. we are forty quality of languages. we are against the repression of the majority by the nationalist minority and against threatening ethnic russians. we don't consider ism to be normal. the basque region spent about four hundred and seventy million dollars achieved in less than one hundred and fifty meal in tears. all the mines and enterprises in the nets are prosperous. when i was in the management and the intention. it is. new board positions with the summer he was licensed in escalating residence. you have to want a referendum before ukraine's presidential election the site with content the one to hit. we feel county can ask the rain. it
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has been unfolding not only on the ground up but very much in the media as well what appears to be an exaggeration of basic facts isn't helping out the truth aunty say that this couple has been gathering the acts or from some missing stuff since the ukrainian media is just what in full force of contra four reports related to russia and information is often being shared and we bolted even though some of it is either complete or a hopeful to get his son this is fake is the echo is this love this picture was published by several media outlets that show was alleged empty shells in a grocery store in crimea but the price tag is in us dollars thousand dollars turns out that this picture was taken in doses of what can you walk as it was the rooftop expired products now this picture of alleged crime unit are refugees attorney familia. what meanwhile this reduced the biker refugees with the same picture was used by another ukrainian media
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we're doing a report on cia the area. pg seven hundred thousand of what my personal favorite is this what this is a story about the engine alleged a russian spy. caught red handed in ukraine and this idea sort of like the main proof presented by the media. it has lots of grammar mistakes. it's an awesome book named the best thing is that here does occupation in just a slight wasn't a rush of one of which mr despise though that's not a discrete would rely on a comedy that is my own and not a good spot if it's pathetic but that also economist and video of the ukrainian tv station and preparing to do a live report from an alleged brawl my gun pro western rally in twenty eight years the report. it seems so wrong in their frame there's a lot of people around the journals but then the camera pans to the right there and it is a village ten fifteen people that are costlier this and that it also has a new vision and he appears to be directing the crowd to make
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some noise or to keep quiet so this again raises questions about how correct the situation is still there's tons of wood out that which truly facts have to be checked. the letter announcing the national some avoided talking to the official who recently proposed stripping rupture of its voting rights of the council of europe. i melt some of the jaws asked him whether he thinks he's being fat. the ballot. honey she said i'm teaching last at last and well i think we should have it that the possibility to send a strong signal to the russian government and also say to the russian government this has consequences. you have failed the possibility of still haven't caught up with us but we have to take a oh wait you're voting rights so that people hats in my view i hope so anyway that abby can happen in kt got all up with the russians that they can't understand you mentioned the word democracy here and to promoting democracy is obviously one of the goals of both the council of europe and the piece you can be
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found on the principles of democracy and rule why the white house education and fiddler bill for ukraine you have to take into account right now and ukraine into a pole for elections and in very short time xd and i think that's the best approach. from national strikes the local ice bowl rings. greeks are increasingly resorting to more desperate measures the high life and loving unemployment and poverty the eye. it's me again. what
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an awful lot that the company all sang i am the traffic light thingy. it really cost me. you know. is yes. what's your all the best technical issues and found them all a little bit accepting praying for some auto fingers at the end of the older i don't think we will be if we accepted are praying for samples of the nasal but let's be frank if you're praying was a member of mitchell before this happened to russia wouldn't give a few people stay on crime yet the baltic country should not be afraid to contractor will of course never going to baltic because the meat member of nato and have thought it would stop for mobile the day. four twenty p
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m near a mosque the top teams up with new research. an afghan girl was severely injured by a grenade while playing in a village has been given a perfect calm during treatment in america. now it's time to go home. brother will be with people. he was killed in the same terrible accident. the story be followed by aunties and each cheek. this seven year old afghan girl was brought to the us for medical treatment almost a year after she was injured in a class that home village in the cauldron of violence since the us invasion of afghanistan. one morning she went outside to play with their brothers the night before there was a violent battle between taliban fighters he was called the force is not the residents there weren't used to. she picks up what looked like cup was a walk but actually was a creamy the food and it exploded the explosion kills had beattie's brother is fully provide fine and she lost most of her right arm. a us
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non profit the children of four foundation brush of the key to a hospital in los angeles where she received a prosthetic arm. so many children. i can think she's a fortune that one who came here for something like children that need this kind of treatment. many were victims of roadside bombs or wear khaki the crossfire of ongoing insurgent adults us drone strikes are causing an increasing number of civilian casualties. charity organizations can hardly keep up with helping those who have suffered from the war the united states than i do in afghanistan in nation building or in the house and our track record suggests that we are confident to do this. and it isn't exactly appreciated by people who see us bombing property destroying lives and then coming in and building a new school. bb has enjoyed her time in the way she was invited to a gallery in beverly hills to paint with
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her purse that card. she showed quite a bit of talent with colors apparently the babies than going home to get is that where everyday dealings apparently didn't hear that their children mike got to bring me thinking. it's just a walk in washington on cash account. joining us. kabul has exploded outside the bank of greece in central athens the damaging nearby buildings no injuries reported. police say an anonymous caller warned of local newspaper that a woman being plotted the attack came just hours before greece was due to return to the international board markets as the day before the judgment also eyeing the buckles planned visit to the country. it also comes on the back of a nationwide strike against budget cuts and mailed to the sector to market by foreign credit as the store's life not the constitution or the west but to which cut regardless of joining us to the international george good to see you today that that acte
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risen dramatically since lisa tilted his austerity policies four years ago to oversee the con expect a politician to tell us to treat calm that is it. we got the floor. for the office. they say. pain in the pool. these days the deceased person. or is not workable in georgia where what you think that changing things austerity measures we will blow. not the real world he's been in their own costs i represent these years this is true why is it when people aren't seeing it. in july. they are orphans georgia danny jones and any day and telling the government will ever listen to the people in
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hidden message. with the readership across because the house. to give you peace so you put it on him. so i put the mobile phones. that was the saudi government is the eye. it was easter so we are going to sit there. it's the view is that they are going well. i was looking good isn't it pretty clear message of four years now georgia what about the bomb today outside the bank of greece in athens up no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack to any ideas might be behind it. as i explored the idea what gives you the leader of the missiles the government which gaiman to get people to be directed at the credit is the so called troika. so i guess the visit by one of its media the job and sean to mind the look of the song exactly get to be welcomed by
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some of that. soho is. that means. the story. he didn't play with these statements of course in the success story when really he's so nice. lloyd george had to go will cycle to normal rates for joining us. my fear about international banking. they were. i will thank you for joining us are not sentimental coming up off the break his promise of some of what they're talking to the official who proposed stripping roster of its voting rights of the council of europe old son asked him whether he thinks he's being fat. i know the world. for those who believe in heaven is a piece of perfection or all the evils of our will
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the war famine and races and finished third after what we all hope that it will all finally be equals but that is our spirits saviour corpses will still be very much so segregated especially at the new cemetery in germany you probably think ol' some neo group must have their own cemetery with mills near the turkish immigrants but no it isn't all it's been great guard according to time magazine. sb four hundred square meter chunk of blue green burial plots has been set aside for homosexual in a group of elderly lesbians call this a p association let's take a deep breath and think about this why in our modern age do we need to buy corpses by their former sexual preference. if a funeral for street person animal was actual person happened on the same day at the same graveyard of the universe explode or something. also our lgbt groups fighting for tempted to call the soul why are you advocating post mortem segregation to the subpoena association. i guess has the right to do this is the idea that is the amazing
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combination of stupid pointless and hypocritical all same time makes the dumb segregation for the mortal world please. just acting for all. what. the and today she too has some very old and new. over time. cousins has a very open space the chinese. this is a film reviews and acupuncture points to belt up the cheese thousands of years. center the chinese. the children
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there are a little prouder there are chinese medicine over to japan in august essentially the japanese them destitute. home style killing so then. it also has a maximum two hundred years is this century. and on the gentleman who made it we've known this example she and the few open up his first christian school in nineteen twenty. he says. what you call justin was based on that impressed. his students must not. call centers yes two which includes one stretching then this is more than just the pressure comes with just twenty four. to all. states
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and europe with her. america especially of east and west calls. justin is on. every changing and it's also nice to see him. certain schools the berries. we noticed we all know it's it's got to know me stop what i do is call for a chat to her house yet which is more emphasis on using your feet. is there is yet to. just this once and it shocked her. basically based on the surface yet. thus far but now coaching. the it is.
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is. steve. chu . my new
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journey in. the story russian separatists in eastern ukraine reinforced our kites graham street buildings in the city of constantine gets to listen to treat the states don't carry and his russian counterpart to continue talks on the stand off between moscow and the west ahead of key meetings next week also involving the eu and ukrainian officials yesterday us diplomat victorian union said there was no doubts russia's involvement in the celtic building seizures which many believe could be used as a pretext for a kremlin backed


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